One of the first things new mothers must learn is how to breastfeed their newborn effectively and comfortably. Contrary to what we thought, it’s not easy. You’d have to go through the process of trial and error before you can find the position that’s right for you and your baby. To guide you in figuring it out, we have here the 10 most common breastfeeding positions you can try.

Breastfeeding positions lying down

Breastfeeding positions-side-lying

This is the position that most moms take after a difficult delivery or a caesarean operation. You do this by simply lying on your side and positioning the baby so that they will be facing you, offering your nipple to their mouth. If you need to elevate your baby, you can do this by using a pillow.

Breastfeeding positions-biological breastfeeding

This is the ideal position after delivery because it allows the mom to nurse and at the same time, rest. It also promotes the healthy skin-to-skin contact that moms and their babies should have.

To do this, lie on a reclined position. Carefully have your baby placed on top of you. Provide ample support with your arms. Allow the baby to find your nipple. If they are having a hard time, you can gently guide them to it.

Breastfeeding positions-knave

Although looking strange and uncomfortable, this position is actually very common, especially for those who have babies who seemingly want to be gymnasts.

If the first two positions for lying down wouldn’t work for you, maybe it’s time to try this one.

It’s like the side-lying position, only the baby is positioned upside down, so you are most likely going to face the lower part of their body while breastfeeding.

Why it’s called knave is lost on me though. Maybe it’s because a knave child means a male offspring. Given that baby boys are generally more active than their girl counterparts, we assume that they’re more likely to try out this position? Again, I am not sure. (If you know this one, I’d appreciate an education in the comments section . Thanks!)

Upright breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding positions-cradle

There’s a reason why this position is the most common. It’s easy to do. It’s our “default” breastfeeding position. You simply cradle your baby, making sure both of your chests are touching. You support them their body with your lower arm and their neck with your elbow.

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Breastfeeding positions-cross-cradle

The cross-cradle is just like the previous one but the difference is, you will be using your elbow to support the lower part of your baby’s body. This means that you will use your palm to support their head. 

This is perfect for babies who have difficulties latching on. You will be using your palm not just as support but also as a guide so they can find and latch on your nipple more easily.

Breastfeeding positions-football hold

This position is perfect for moms who had caesarean delivery but would like to nurse while sitting up. Because you will not be using your belly to provide support, your incision will be safe.

Position your baby directly next to you. Hold them with your arm, your palm supporting their neck and head. Hold your nipple with your other hand and guide them to it. To provide elevation, put pillows underneath them. This is also to make sure that you won’t get tired too quickly

Best breastfeeding positions for twins

Breastfeeding positions-double football hold

The double football hold is perfect for twins because the two babies can feed without any problem. You have to make sure that you are seated comfortably as well. Follow the instructions on Football Hold by using both arms to support both babies.

Breastfeeding positions-double cross-cradle

Among the easiest positions to do, the cr0ss-cradle position can also be used for twins. You simply cradle one of the babies first and once in a comfortable position, cradle the other one. One way to ensure that they are both cozy is to wrap them up with swaddling blanket that prevents their feet from touching each other.

Breastfeeding positions-football and cradle

The two upright breastfeeding positions we mentioned can also be combined if that’s what’s more comfortable for you. But take note you need to learn those two first and find the variation you’re most comfortable with.

To do it, have one of your babies in the cradle position first. If he’s cozy enough, position the other twin beside you, getting ready for the football hold. Preparing pillows are essential for this because feeding a baby is tiring enough. How much more if you’re doing it with two?

Breastfeeding positions-double upright latch

This position is what moms who underwent caesarean should take when feeding twins. To do the upright latch, you need to comfortably lie on your back and position your baby parallel to your body. Of course, they should be able to reach your nipple with their mouth.

This position is ideal in situations like this because it requires minimal effort and it allows the two babies to feed comfortably. Not to mention the skin-to-skin contact you get. 

There’s no definite way to do breastfeeding. The position you’d be comfortable in might not be here in this list. What’s important is you don’t stop trying until you find it. If you are using a breastfeeding position that you think other moms should know nothing about, please help a sister out and share it below. And if you have questions and you think we can help, don’t hesitate to leave a message. Good luck, supermoms!

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