Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity

No one can stress enough how exhausting it is to carry a toddler. Even when they were little babies, it wasn’t totally easy because although they weren’t that heavy, there’s the strain that developed after hours of holding them. Not to mention how it limited our actions, not allowing us to perform household chores and other important tasks.

It’s not that we are complaining. Okay, maybe we are. But that doesn’t mean we won’t do it. After all, we’ll do practically anything for these little nuggets.

But thankfully, we no longer have to deal with all the downsides of carrying a toddler with our arms because there’s this thing that we call a toddler carrier. With this, our arms are totally free because the support comes from the back, shoulders, and hips. Wonderful, aren’t they?

Understanding how essential they are, I took the liberty of putting the best toddler carriers 2019 in one list. But before that, let me charm you with little details in terms of things to note when purchasing a toddler carrier. After that, you will be introduced to the types available in the market today and under each type are the best options you can choose from.

How to choose the best toddler carrier

There are basically only two things to consider when buying this item and they are:

  • Purpose
  • Size

Yes, just these two. Toddler carriers differ in their design, durability, and material used and they all point toward a specific purpose. An easy-to-buckle carrier is great for everyday use such as running to the grocery store with your toddler but it may not be the best choice for a summer outing at the beach because its material won’t be able to provide proper ventilation. The material used in a sling carrier makes it great for home use and relaxed recreationals but it wouldn’t be the safest for outdoor activities such as hiking. For that you need something more secure and durable.

Each type has their strengths and weaknesses. It’s important that you’re clear on where and how you’re going to use the toddler carrier to get the right one.

Next you need to take into account the size of your child. You don’t want the carrier to be too big or too small for them. A lot of parents buy carriers ahead. After all, that carrier is bound to be used no matter what, right? Your child will eventually reach that size. It’s a good strategy.

No, it’s not.

Children grow very, and I mean very rapidly. Take a look at this graph.

Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity - Weight for AgeThe average weight of a newborn is 3.5 kg. As you can see, at 6 months, they double that weight. Although the progression shows us a steady rate, you can notice that the range is pretty much very wide. This tells us your baby’s weight could fall anywhere the normal target. Added to that are other factors which could contribute to more weight gain or loss. So it’s really best to buy the toddler carrier by the time you already need it.

Types of toddler carriers

Backpack carriers

A backpack carrier is a great travel system. Toddlers can be very heavy but thanks to its design, the strain on our backs are lessened and we can travel anywhere with our children in comfort.

There are different types of backpack carriers. There are those that are perfect companion for long travels. There are also those that you can conveniently use in the malls, beach, or even at home.

3-in-1 CarryOn Toddler Carrier by LILLEbaby

Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity - 3-in-1 CarryOn Toddler Carrier by LILLEbabyThis backpack carrier is among the favorites because it’s safe and has effective lumbar support. Its exterior fabric is 100% cotton but what sets it apart from others is its temperature control panel that makes use of the lining fabric made of 3D mesh. That’s right. You can easily switch from cool to warm temp by zipping the panel up or down. This makes it perfect for all seasons.

If you need something that you can use just for warmer climates, then you should opt to its CarryOn Airflow Model. Instead of the cotton, it uses 3D mesh for both exterior and lining fabric.

Another strength is it’s not limited to backpack carry; you can use it on the front or by your hip if your back gets tired.

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity - Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child CarrierThis carrier is one of the best choices for hiking. It features a design that ensures not just safety but also functionality that can really come in handy on the trail. It’s made of polyester and its frame is made of a lightweight material. It has an adjustable seat and stirrups, ensuring your child’s comfort.

Perfect for outdoor adventures, it has a lot of room for different accessories. The product specifications say that it can support an 18-kg toddler at the maximum but parents shared that it can actually carry heavier children.

Ring Sling Carriers

Supporting babies using hips can prove more effective to some parents. Focusing the strain on that part of the body can prove to be beneficial especially for those who have minor back problems. This is why sling carriers could be the one you’ve been looking for.

Ring sling carriers are perfect for quick uses. That’s why they’re ideal for home use.

Sling Baby Carrier by Hip Baby Wrap

Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity - Sling Baby Carrier by Hip Baby WrapThis ring sling is eco-friendly. It’s made of 100% and can support babies up to 15kg. I personally think that aside from using it at home, this is also the perfect choice for the summer. Its material allows enough ventilation to keep the baby cool during warmer days.

Basics Ring Sling by Sakura Bloom

Best Toddler Carriers for Every Activity - Basics Ring Sling by Sakura BloomWhen you look at this ring sling, you can’t help but admire its aesthetics. It’s just looks so…posh. But it certainly doesn’t stop there. Its high functionality makes it worthy to be on this list. The stretchy wrap (that you can get in leather, by the way), eliminates the difficulty we usually encounter in ring slings.

Understanding that different moms and babies need different sizes, it gives us an option to choose from several size options beside their standard one.

Woven Wraps

Baby wrap carriers are perfect for newborns because it keeps them snug and super close to their moms. They’re really great in supporting their weight. But did you know you can use baby wraps for your toddlers too?

Woven wraps are durable that they can be used from infancy up until toddlerhood. They are simple and can be adjusted to different sizes. The most important consideration in choosing a woven wrap is the quality of its material. The best items in the market today are woven cotton baby carrier wraps from Storchenwiege and Didymos.

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