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The 2nd Trimester and What it Means for You

The first trimester, aka the 1st hard part of carrying your baby, is finally done and you are now on your 13th week. This trimester will last until the 27th week. Until then, what will happen? What are the things to expect?

For one, gone are the days when you have to deal with morning sickness and other discomforting symptoms. Now, you feel revitalized and once again ready to take on the challenges of everyday life.

The best indication that you are entering your 2nd trimester is the fading of the symptoms that have been plaguing you for the last 3 months. In place of those symptoms,

You should expect…

A different kind of discomfort

Despite being the easier part of pregnancy, there are still some kind of discomfort we should expect from entering the 2nd trimester.

You will start to feel aches in the abdomen. This is because your baby is rapidly growing, resulting to a growing uterus. To accommodate this growth, the ligaments surrounding the uterus will stretch.

Minor breathing problems

Another effect of the inevitable growth of your uterus is shortness of breath.

As your uterus takes a larger size, it crowds some of your internal organs including the lungs. This is why even if you are simply walking around your house, you sometimes experience shortness of breath.

It’s completely normal. However, if you feel that it’s worsening at an alarming rate, better consult your physician.

Weight gain, expanding waistline, and stretch marks

Weight gain during pregnancy is something we are all familiar with. Most of this happens during the 2nd trimester where you are likely to gain around 16-22 pounds. As a result, your waistline will start to expand.

This is why investing in maternity clothes is a great idea. You will also start to see stretch marks at this point.

Less trouble with the hormones

Remember that time when you went apeshit at your partner over the smallest things? How about that time when you burst into tears after watching an ad you’ve seen a million times before?

Yep, you did those.

But of course, you’re not the first nor should you be the last pregnant woman to do those things.

The first trimester meant a lot of those episodes and you will be happy to know that they will lessen in the second trimester.

A lot of women have shared that during this stage of pregnancy, they start to see things more clearly. That is to say, this is the phase where they get to have the time to actually be happy being pregnant.

The change in disposition is so good that a lot of moms find themselves doing amazing things they failed to do during the first 3 months.

The nightmares

Aside from all the good things you’ll experience in the second trimester, there’s also a drawback: the nightmares.

This is very common among moms especially during this stage. According to experts, possible reasons behind these nightmares are the stress and fears you consciously or unconsciously have.

You are now nearing the end of your pregnancy and you can’t help but ponder on things like, what kind of mom will you be? What if you’ll be a bad mom? What if your kid won’t grow up the way you want to because you’ve failed?

The nightmares are manifestations of such thoughts and these are normal. If you find that your nightmares are going out of hand, try to lessen your stress. Know that being a mom is not and will never be easy but believe in yourself that you’re going to do great.

The sex drive

Good news ladies, another treat for you. Around 4th or 5th month of your pregnancy, don’t forget to welcome your sexdrive with arms wide open because it will be back.

In this period, most women experience heightened libido due to the fact that there is a large amount of hormones being produced. The increased blood flow to the woman’s sex organs is also a reason why the pleasure obtained from having sex at this time is considered way better than usual.

Things you SHOULD do during your 2nd trimester

Because you are generally feeling good in this trimester, it’s good to take advantage of this and do things that can help you with your pregnancy.


For women not undergoing pregnancy complications, it is advisable to stay active. This ensures sufficient blood flow, reduces backache and posture problems, improves overall mood, increases energy, and so many others. Exercising will also give endurance and strength and other benefits that can greatly aid in labor.

However, there are important things to note when exercising.

  1. You have to avoid any extreme exercise routine.
  2. You need to make sure that your calorie intake is enough for your workout.
  3. Always keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Be careful in doing routines that require balancing.

There are a lot of exercises suitable for pregnant women. You can try out prenatal yoga. If you want something simpler, you can commit 20-30 minutes of your day walking around your neighbourhood.

Eat healthy

This is the perfect time for you to examine what you have been eating for the past 3 months and evaluate if you’ve been taking all the nutrition needed to ensure that your baby is healthy.

Plan out what happens after your delivery

Since you now have the time and energy to take care of important matters, plan out what you should do after the delivery. You and your partner should be able to device a plan that focuses not only the baby but also on you.

Balancing work at this stage will be very hard especially if it’s your first time. Plan out how long you or your partner should get off work after labor, if you need to.

You should also check your finances. Your expenses will be very different now that the baby is here. Planning in advance will always give you a headstart.

Go over the optional tests available

Through your physician, you will learn that there are prenatal tests and screenings you can opt to have. For example, you can have the Quad screening or amniocentesis.

There are pros and cons to these tests and it’s important that you know all about them before deciding.

The 2nd trimester ultimately tells you that you are fast approaching the big day. Although it mostly means good things and relief after the difficult 1st trimester, you also still have to be vigilant. Savor this moment by doing things you have to do but always remember to do them carefully. 


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