Women Need To Pay Attention to these 5 Signs of Breast Cancer

As women, and certainly as mothers, it is vital to understand early detection signs of breast cancer. Most women only feel suspicious if they find a lump in their chest. There are five other signs of which you should be aware – please, tell the women in your life about these symptoms which may otherwise be dismissed.

Women with a significant number of moles on their skin are 13% more at risk than women with fewer moles to develop breast cancer. It does not matter where the mole is located on your body. If you see any mole make obvious changes in appearance, start talking to your doctor.

In the same vein, if you see a brand new mole, you may want to make your doctor aware. Your doctor will help determine whether or not this is an early sign of cancer. You know your body best – no one can look out for this symptom better than you. The next sign is very easy to ignore, so, read on!

The location of breast cancer is convenient for the cancer to spread to the lungs. When this happens, a woman could develop a persistent cough or a hoarse throat. If you have no accompanying symptoms like a fever, runny nose, fatigue, etc, to justify believing you have a cold or a virus, definitely consult your doctor.

60-70% of cancer metastasizes to the lungs resulting in a nagging cough and even shortness of breath. If you, or someone you know, have/has a cough which cannot be cured over a period of time stretching beyond that of a common cold, it could save your life, or someone else’s life, to check it out.

Cancer effects the hormones which sometimes results in a dry urethra and incontinence. If you suddenly feel urine leaking with increasing frequency whenever you laugh or sneeze, you should definitely speak to your doctor about getting to the bottom of issue. This is not something to bother feeling embarrassed about… asking the simple question can change your livelihood.

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing the sort of urgency you feel when you have a bladder infection beyond the time those symptoms tend to last, this is another indicator of the sort of hormonal imbalance which can occur in the presence of cancer. Don’t panic if you do have a bladder infection that lasts a while – asking your doctor the question will give you the information you need to know how to proceed. You want to just really know if your symptoms are benign. The next symptom could be many things all worth checking out…

If you’re overly tired, as in you have no cause to link to your level of fatigue, there are a number of conditions which can cause this symptom… and cancer is one them. Even if it isn’t cancer, there are numerous auto-immune disorders still worth checking out. If you’ve been vegging out all day and you’re still beyond exhausted, seek guidance from your physician.

Sometimes this fatigue is the result of the chemical imbalance cancer creates in the body. That fatigue sometimes develops into strange pains with no obvious origin. It can also bring on depression. Weird, unexplained pains are worth a trip to the doctor. The last symptom could go right over your head, so, do take note of this…

Oddly enough, breast cancer can inspire back pain. Patients sometimes feel discomfort or soreness in along the spine and in the rib cage which then spreads to the back. If there is no logical explanation for intense back pain, please, call your doctor.

The cases for breast cancer are anticipated to soar in numbers by the end of 2017 – the estimate for new cases this year is 252,710. If you experience the symptoms you’ve read about here, please, protect yourself and get some answers from a medical professional. If you know someone who has complained about these issues, urge her to request a medical screening. Save a life.