Woman Get’s Fired Because of Sexy Photo Shoot

After so many years of being assaulted by the media with pictures of uber thin models and celebrities with hashtag body goals and thigh gap challenges, it’s so refreshing to see a shift in our culture where women with all different types of bodies are celebrated. Instead of seeing rail thin models being praised for their “effortless” bodies parading around in tiny swimsuits and lingerie we get to see the exact opposite and for the most part, people are pretty excited to see this shift.

Even with the Ashley Grahams of the world paving the way for regular women like me and you who unbutton their jeans as soon as they have privacy there are still some people who find this show of body positivity disgusting and unflattering.

Stephanie a plus sized woman and her fiancé Arryn from Overton, TX participated in an open call for a boudoir photo shoot for a Texas area photographer Bria Terry.

For the photo shoot, Stephanie decided to wear only a black bikini bottom and a backless bra so that she would appear topless in the photos. In the series of sensual photos, Stephanie is seen straddling her fiancé and making out. Stephanie said that during the photo shoot she wasn’t worried about how her body looked because she was so focused on Arryn and the way he was looking at her. That was all she needed to feel confident, powerful and sexy.

After the photo shoot was complete the photographer posted the photos to her Facebook page. The sexy photos immediately went viral because of the empowering tone of the shoot. Arryn called Stephanie at work to tell her that the pictures had already received over 30,000 likes and that most of the comments were about Stephanie.

Stephanie, who works at Austin Bank Texas said that after the photos went viral she received a call from her manager. Stephanie said that her manager expressed concern because of the number of people that had viewed the pictures and the bank felt that the photos were inappropriate. Because Austin Bank is a “family orientated” company they were afraid that a photo shoot featuring one of their employees almost naked would look really bad for them.

The manager said that many of the employees were sharing the photos at work and then they delivered their stunning decision and fired Stephanie from the job that she had for over a year. Stephanie says she wasn’t even given a chance to defend herself or the context of the photo shoot.

Despite the negative backlash from her job Stephanie says that she doesn’t regret her decision to participate and that the message she was able to help put out in the world was worth it to her.