Why Stay at Home Parent Is The Toughest Job In The World

2It Never Ends

As a stay-at-home parent, your responsibilities begin, as soon as you wake up in the morning. On many unfortunate days it actually begins, when your child wakes you up! From that point on, it is constant work. There are no ten or fifteen minute breaks. You’re not allowed to step outside and take a breather, without worrying about your child. If your child takes a nap, you might be able to find a little salvation, but you better be prepared when they wake up! They’ll be hungry, so it is best to prepare the meal, while they sleep.

How about when you finally put your child down for the night? Cross your fingers! If your child has a nightmare or wakes up, you’ll be up and at it again! In the same sense, it is vital to remember that there are no weekends or days off for parents! Everyday of the week brings a new challenge and a new set of responsibilities, which typically fall on the shoulders of the stay-at-home parent. While the working parent might get to escape into their work, the one that stays at home does not.

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