The Internet Won’t Leave Chrissy Teigen Alone

I don’t think there’s ever been a celebrity mother that has been put under so much scrutiny as Chrissy Teigen. Even from the start of announcing that she and husband John Legend were expecting, those anonymous know-it-all’s from the internet pounced.

Chrissy Teigen

It started when Chrissy posted a picture of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and then they continued to attack her for her decision to use a night nurse. The stunning supermodel really just could not catch a break.

Once baby Luna was born the trolls continued to question Chrissy on everything from the way she was holding Luna, the way she dressed her and even questioned her commitment to motherhood when she and John were seen out on a date night just a few weeks after she gave birth.

But just when you thought these people couldn’t go any lower they sit up and ask you to hold their Big Gulp as they again launch a full out sneak attack on Chrissy.

Chrissy made headlines this week when she opened up in an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine about her decision to cut back on her drinking. Chrissy told the magazine that after she took a trip to Bali this summer she enjoyed the person she was without alcohol. There was no intervention or anything, Chrissy just simply recognized that she was just drinking too much.


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You would think people would applaud Chrissy for trying to better herself and take control of her life. But instead, you have a group of people who seem to make it their mission to destroy a person at every turn.

Chrissy shared some of the things that were being said about her on Twitter. Things like “she shouldn’t be drinking and breastfeeding anyway” which is the oldest lie in the “know it all” handbook and that perhaps Chrissy was faking her postpartum depression because she never even looked like she was suffering from it.

Chrissy Teigen

One of the things I love most about Chrissy Teigen is that even though she is the beautiful impeccably dressed celebrity with all of the glitz and glamour a life with John Legend provides, she’s right up there with Ashley Graham in the relatable column. I get major “we would be the best of friends” vibes from her. She’s honest and open about her struggle with infertility, postpartum depression, Hollywood body ideals and now her struggle with alcohol.

Sure you can make the argument that if you decide to live your life in the public eye you have to understand that people are going to peanut gallery their way through your life. And yeah, that’s definitely true. But for the love of Kanye West, we have to have some sort of boundaries. Pick apart her poor outfit choices (you’d be wrong because she’s like my style goddess), criticize how she eats and eats and eats but still looks fantastic (some people are just lucky) but to claim a person is lying about something as serious as postpartum depression? That is crossing a very serious line.


My stoop buddy

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Can’t Chrissy get a break?