The Boss Baby Pushes Hard at Brotherly Love

The Boss Baby, the new film by Dreamworks Animation understands “Brotherly Love.” At least, it gives it it’s best diaper-clad shot.

If you have two kids (or more), you probably are very familiar with how challenging sibling rivalry can be. In fact, you know more than anyone the scope of items that can cause your little love bugs to burst into WWF style arguments.

Items worthy of WW3 level fighting include:

1) Anything involving a screen.

2) Who won whatever game was being played.

4) Cold vs. Warm Milk

5) Up vs. Down

6) Blue vs. Green

7) Anything vs. Anything every possibly put on this planet just to ANNOY US PARENTS UNTIL WE WANT TO POKE OURSELVES IN THE EYE WITH A HOT STICK!!!

So, how does Boss Baby combat that bro-tastic dynamic? Through a campy, baby butt-filled movie featuring a brother’s struggle to accept a new baby in the house.

So. Many. Fart. Jokes.

The character of the Boss Baby is an undercover executive, played by Alec Baldwin, who basically attacks the role as his famous 30 Rock character in a diaper. He strikes a deal with the boy of the house, a 7 year old with an amazing imagination, to save parental love for babies and send him back where he came from. A perceived win-win for all, although the main message is the relationship that develops (aww!!) along the way.

There’s adventure, fart jokes, and some sweet moments.

BUT if you think it might stop your kids from arguing for a hot second, then by all means run to the theater and see it!

That peace and quiet is totally worth the ticket price.

The Boss Baby opens in theaters nationwide on March 31st. Visit The Boss Baby on Facebook for more info.