Techy Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

While we definitely want our kids running around outside and getting exercise this summer, sometimes it’s just too darn hot and they need an indoor activity. Well, we have two amazing creative and techy ways to keep your kids entertained in the air conditioning.

Anki OVERDRIVE is an awesome battle racing game using Supercars that are actually self-aware robots powered by artificial intelligence. Whatever track you build – they will learn it. The better you play, the better the Supercar becomes. What?! Yep, and whatever track your kids build, the Supercars will learn it. You really have to experience this to understand just how cool it it. The best part is it’s super easy to get started and your kids will be entertained for hours (and hours).

Osmo Coding Jam is the new award-winning game that combines music and coding so your kids can learn to code through music! By piecing together rhythms, sounds, chords and beats, they create unique music and expand their knowledge of spelling, vocabulary, math, and coding! Using blocks that fit together and an iPad, kids 5-12 years old will have so much fun they won’t realize they are actually learning!