Our Team

Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis She has a degree in child psychology and has been guidance counselor at an elementary school for 5 years. She believes that children are our greatest legacy. She believes they are our future leaders need the proper guidance to succeed. Cheryl knows that children at an elementary age are very impressionable and by implementing them with ethics and goals at this age, you are very well prepping them for the future.

Judy Carol

Judy Carol has been a day care worker for 40 years and is ready to retire. She has a wealth of knowledge about children and the kind of environments that make them the most productive. Judy is ready to retire and share all of the wisdom that she has developed over the years with others. Judy has a long history of pumping passion in youth that are struggling to think positive about their future. She also understands how stressful today’s society has become and the many pressures that are put on children, by their parents, educators, and athletic coaches. She has decided that she is going to devote her time, in counseling the youth on how to deal with these stressors.

Rachel Ride

Rachel Ride is a child activist, educator, and philanthropist. Born in the late 1960’s, she has a lot of experience in educating youth in science and math. She has written several books about Autism and animal treatment. She has traveled around the globe speaking and teaching others about humanities and social sciences. She has now decided to devote her time to write blogs that will help parents properly raise their children, in a structured home environment. She also volunteers in impoverished neighbors, by counseling single mothers that are struggling to raise their children, in today’s society.

Tonya Farmer

Tonya Farmer studied early childhood education at Penn Foster. He has been employed, as an educator for more than 8 years. He is now interested in helping parents develop educational goals for their children, so they can become a self-efficient adult. He is also an author of several research journals about early childhood behavior and health. His education-focused blogs will offer a beneficial tool for single parents that are struggling to provide their children with the proper disciplinary restrictions. These blogs will also benefit those teachers that are focused on promoting emotional and academic growth for their young students.