Rotimatic – The “Smart Machine”

For any foodie/techie, this machine is for you. If you are a carb lover, then it’s really for you. If you love home cooked food but don’t want to take the time to actually cook, then this is definitely for you. So what is a Rotimatic? Well, it is a fully automated wi-fi-connected machine that makes delicious warm rotis. I’ll start by telling those who don’t know, that a roti is an Indian staple, an unleavened flatbread. This flatbread is extremely versatile and while it’s delicious with Indian food, it’s also yummy to eat with a little butter, hummus, veggies or chicken like a wrap, and the list goes on!

What makes the Rotimatic super cool is that you put the three ingredients in containers on the top of the machine – flour, water and oil. This machine measures and mixes the ingredients. Then it kneads the dough and finally it cooks it! Seriously. You turn the machine on, it warms up for about 6 minutes and then every minute or so a hot delicious crisp (but soft) flatbread comes out! We’ve experimented and added different spices to the flour and it is delish!

The coolest thing about the machine is that is is connected to your wi-fi and literally it is a ‘smart machine’ because it learns and adapts as it goes. The first few we made came out a little undercooked and then the machine seemed to figure it out and presto – perfect flatbread! 

Also, since it’s wi-fi connected, as they add more features (they are about to start a beta to make pizzas in the Rotimatic! Also, tortillas, wraps and who knows what else!) the machine automatically updates. What?! And tech support can actually fix any problems that arise. Super cool.

The only negative about this machine is it’s price tag. But if your family loves technology and home cooked flatbread without preservatives and additives, this machine is for you!