Power Rangers Continue To Empower Boys and Girls

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The Power Rangers is a phenomenon that has touched the lives of pretty much everyone! Whether you grew up with it or your kids watch it, I can guarantee your home has been exposed to the wonder of the Power Rangers! The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” launched in 1993 and Saban’s “Power Rangers” quickly became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States.

Power-Rangers-Movie-5''-Yellow-Ranger-Action-HeroMy kids weren’t immune and not only did they watch it but they wore the costumes for Halloween, acted out the roles in our house, and fought over who was the best Power Ranger. I love that the role play toys, action figures, apparel and accessories inspire and empower boys and girls to play together and imagine themselves as superheroes. There is no wonder why this series is one of the longest running and most-watched kids action series in television history! Check out this Yellow Ranger Hero:

Girls'-Power-Rangers-Tank-TopNot only is it a pop culture phenomenon, it’s kind of legendary at my daughter’s school. Rumor has it that one of the female PE teachers used to be a Power Ranger! How cool is that?! GO GIRL POWER. Speaking of that, one of my favorite things about the Power Rangers is that they have strong female characters. Such good role models for my daughter. Did you know that the TV series was one of the first multi-ethnic superhero teams also featuring girl superheroes? Super cool. Not only is this amazing for my daughter, I think it also helped bring home to my son that girls are powerful and strong and deserve respect (on TV and in real life!). Check out this adorable girl power tank top!

Power-Rangers-Movie-Interactive-Megaword-with-FiguresNow that my kids are a bit older they are excited to see the reimagined movie “Saban’s Power Rangers,” by Lionsgate and Saban Brands (coming to theaters on March 24, 2017). This movie will be great for both of my kids because it’s not geared for only boys like many action movies, the female Power Rangers are just as important and strong as the male Rangers. Love this new Interactive Megazord!

I’m glad that the upcoming movie and “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” airing on Nickelodeon will continue to encourage boys and girls to get outside and morph together as a team because #TogetherWeAreMore and kids spend way too much time indoors these days!

Oh, and don’t feel left out if you grew up with Power Rangers because you can throwback with nostalgia by grabbing one of these 90s inspired crewnecks available at shop.powerrangers.com.

How cute is this?
Ranger Clique Crewneck