Mom Spends $100K In Surgeries To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

We all have our ideals of beauty… those role models we wish we looked like… Some of us are content to sigh while accepting what we are. This one mother decided she wasn’t about to accept anything. She wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit (from the cartoon “Roger Rabbit”) no matter the cost.

Bee Cameron was already a really good-looking lady. She has always had a propensity to fitness and all methods of remaining youthful and vibrant. She decided she was done with the shackles of settling for a dull and boring life and sought out a solution to go back to her 30s…

Cameron started small with a Botox injection and saw the bags under her eyes disappear. This initial procedure was the hook and she knew she wanted more. She picked her favorite images of the stylized, plastic, and exaggerated forms of cartoon characters and eventually claimed Jessica Rabbit as her goal post. She wanted breasts that would imitate the bouncy shelf of Roger’s red-haired bombshell.

Of her extensive procedures, reports Cameron has undergone the following: “Breast surgery, teeth capping, thigh gap surgery, mini facelift, 10 years worth of botox, 10 years worth of fillers, upper eyelid surgery, lip filler, invasive and non-invasive liposuction, facials, dermabrasion, (and) cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows).” So, ten years later, now she looks like this:

What does all this work cost? To have a chest you can bearly reach around? A piddly $100K in plastic surgery. Can you imagine spending that kind of money on your appearance (disfiguring accidents aside…)? Cameron doesn’t have a fund sitting around for her to bank on – she has consciously gone into debt for all of these procedures – and she’s not done yet!

In particular, Cameron had one procedure on her thighs which left several indentations in her skin… no, this was not by design. She had asked for smooth, straight Barbie legs, but, whoever performed the procedure botched up the job. This has not deterred her from moving forward with her plans to become Miss Jessica…

You can imagine Cameron has received some criticism from people who see her photos or hear about what she’s doing. She told one publication, “Surgery boosts my confidence… I consider my body an ever changing work of art. I am not hurting anyone.” Do you think this is true? And, if she’s going into debt, do you think her children will suffer for it?

Her new look has afforded her new dating opportunities – you can imagine how happy it makes her when stunned young men drop their jaws upon hearing Cameron is 52. She has a rule not to date anyone over 35 years old and she believes this has improved her sex life. Can you imagine what her children must think of her transformation?

What Cameron enjoys the most are the looks on people’s faces who knew her before her transformation and are just now bumping into her again. She is likely the one who recognizes an acquaintance from her past before he or she recognizes her. How old does she look to you? If an old friend from high school did something like this, what would you say to her if you saw her on the street?

Cameron has some vacation planned this summer where she’s looking forward to displaying her new bikini bod out on the beach somewhere. Would you be proud to resemble her? Or is she taking it too far?

What do you think of this type of extensive surgery? Do you think Cameron is fooling herself and is clearly aging faster with all those toxins in her system? Or do you figure, “to each her own?”