Meet Nest Cam Outdoor

Safety is of utmost priority to all of us. We can’t say enough good things about Nest Cam Outdoor if you are looking to protect your house and family.

First, it’s super simple to install. You plug in the cable and adapter, mount the camera on the side of of your house, and DONE. It’s weatherproof so no concerns if it rains. It also has eight infrared LEDs so you can see everything – even in the dark.

Second, set up your camera in the Nest app. Super easy and the app is free.

Third, relax because you now have 24/7 live streaming and can keep an eye on your house. There is also two-way audio so you can hear what’s happening and talk to a delivery person or stranger at your door so they know you are paying attention.

You can also get Nest Aware records everything in the cloud. Then, just in case, you can look back and see what happened. Who stole your package or what happened in any unfortunate event.