Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

It’s almost that time! Well, if you stepped into any CVS right after Halloween, then it’s been that time for quite a while. The holiday season is here!  Sleigh bells are ringing, your children aren’t listening … ever, the slow is glistening and your house is totally decorated and ready for some holiday action.

You’ve already scoured all the gift guides and picked out what you’re getting for whom. You’ve peeped the recipe threads to know exactly what dishes you’re putting on the holiday table. You’ve even planned out every night for the elf (because he’s not going to stay put on that shelf.)

But did you forget about the stockings you have to stuff? Yea … those. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of our favorite stocking stuffers for Mom, Dad and Kid.


There’s a reason everyone praises the genius that is dry shampoo. You don’t have to be bothered with washing your hair and restyling it. Living Proof Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo is powered by a triple-action cleansing technology that cleans beyond an ordinary dry shampoo, so you can wash less and enjoy more time to do whatever it is you want to do.

Hair La Vie is another haircare brand we’re loving. They design natural hair care products to help you grow longer, fuller hair fast – and you know how necessary that is post-partum! Check out their Revitalizing Hair Blend Vitamins and their Moroccan Repair Serum, two of our favorites.

LifeCell Skincare just launched a new retail line that’s paraben & fragrance free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and cruelty – free. Best of all, it’s affordable! We love these anti-aging products and, especially their cleanser and and All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment. You’l be thanking Santa for these products, we assure you!

Every woman needs a good moisturizer and we found a fabulous one! You’ll love Dr. Yeretsky’s Essential Moisturizer that contains a power-packed secret formula of alpha hydroxy acids and pressed rose petal. It soothes and smoothes your skin and works perfectly under makeup. Your skin will glow for the new year!

There’s a reason they say kids give you gray hair. C’mon, it’s totally true. When your roots are coming in (or when you’re getting those gray stragglers that come out of nowhere), consider Everpro’s Gray Away temporary root concealer. (Full disclosure: I use it every day!) You just spray it onto your hair and the grays go away. (Kind of like how the name would suggest.)

At the end of a long day, when you just want to relax and catch up on some Real Housewives, what better way than with a cup of yummy tea? Good Earth’s new Sweet & Spicy Green Tea, available in original, decaf and organic, tastes like mango and grapefruit with spicy cinnamon and tangy lemongrass. Yum!  

Sometimes, the only way to get your child to calm down is with a little bit of music. The JBL Clip 2 is an ultra-compact, waterproof and portable speaker that has a built-in carabiner clip that’s perfect for the stroller. 

Here’s something you might not have heard of before: spray on nail polish. With Spray Perfect, you literally spray the color onto your nails and it will adhere to only the nail itself. You can wash the color around your skin off easily. Best part? It dries in under a minute, so you don’t need to “set aside time” to do your nails before meeting friends out for dinner!


Mom can’t be the only one interested in maintaining a stellar complexion, right? UK-based 7th Heaven produces highly effective masks for men. The Spearmint Deep Pore Cleansing Peel Off Mask and the Dead Sea Rescue Mud Mask do the heavy lifting of taking dirt, debris and excess oil without the fuss. (Because we know our men ‘can’t be bothered’.) 

If dad is usually the one tending bar, then he’ll love the Zoku Mixology Ice Molds Set. These slow melting, geometric shaped ice ‘cubes’ are perfect for cocktail making. For dads with a sense of humor, pick up the Cool Moji tray instead.

Is dad a golfer? Does he also love Bill Murray? Take dad back to his Caddyshack days and pick up something from the William Murray Golf line. The uniquely designed polos, shorts and hats bring a certain flare to the course.

If you’re sick of ironing his pants, get dad a pair of non-wrinkle Premium No-Iron Khakis from Haggar. Bonus: it has a hidden flexible waistband so you won’t have to hear him complain about how his pants feel too tight on him after holiday dinner!

If your man sports some facial hair (or even a lot of it), consider Beard Paw wipes for his stocking The pocket-friendly, on-the-go wipes clean up his situation after eating, drinking, and anything else.

Wraps is a wristband headphone set that’s disguised as a wraparound bracelet. Basically, there’s no way to tangle them and they’re super easy to unwrap and use. Stylish and functional, wraps make it easy to play music and even jump on a call.


Barbara’s Snackimals are yummy cookies made with organic grain and are cholesterol-free, kosher, low sodium and non-GMO. Feel good about letting your little one satisfy his sweet tooth!

For the little loves with food sensitivities, consider Enjoy Life Foods Baking Chocolate Snack Packs. They’re gluten free, non-GMO and vegan. (They’re also seriously satisfying! You’ll have a hard time not stealing a few.)

If you haven’t yet heard of Masha and the Bear, then you’re missing out! The popular YouTube show (now available on Netflix) drew in over 16.5 billion views. The 3D animated family show teaches true life values of loyalty and friendship. Stuff that stocking with their plush Masha and the Bear characters!

FarFaria, the Netflix of children’s books, has over a thousand read-to-me and unlimited reading available to you at the touch of your fingertips. Available on iOS and Android, you can save 40% now with coupon code CYBER40. At purchase, send the gift to yourself, customize the card and print to put into the stocking of the lucky young reader in your family!

Them babies need to dance, right? KIDZ BOP just released their latest album that has 14 tracks your kids will wiggle and jiggle to. It’s available (along with a bunch of other fun goodies) at the KIDZ BOP Shop.

Keep the little ones warm with some Nautica gloves and hats. There are a bunch of fun designs to choose from and some great options that are on sale, too!

The Chalk Doodle-It Book is a reusable chalk book that creates zero dust thanks to their patented Butterstix chalk. Portable, no mess and keeps kids occupied? Yes please!

What little kid doesn’t get a kick out of stickers? Check out StickerBeans, the brand of stickers that’s unlike the rest. They bling, the glitz and they can personalize everything you own. Our personal favorites are the never-dull Emoji Stickers.

Back to school season may be over, but upgrading your child’s backpack swag to start 2017 fresh is never a bad idea. Yoobi has some fun and clever products like a backpack pencil case and 3D erasers in the shapes of food and animals. Cute, right?

The Electra Ding Dong Donut is small, adorable and will make you hungry for sure. But it really provides your little one with a way to let their presence be known when they’re on a bike. So say bye to the boring normal bells, and hello to a donut one!

Get crafty with your kids (it’s great for brain and motor skill development!) with Crayola’s Color Wonder Fingerpaints set. The set, which comes with five colors and 12 sheets of paper is fast-drying and mess-free, which is music to any mama’s ears!