Is Kylie Jenner Kim’s Surrogate?! Here’s The Proof

All of the world took a collective gasp last week when TMZ broke the news that the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner empire was expecting a child with her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott.

If you aren’t in the “know,” get yourself a subscription to Us Weekly. But in the meantime let me catch you up. Kylie Jenner is the youngest daughter of Kris and Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, half-sister to the Kardashian siblings. She has recently been making news for her almost billionaire status thanks to her very popular makeup kits. Thus cementing her status as Kris’s favorite daughter. Kylie, who just turned 20 this past summer started dating rapper Travis Scott recently and now the two are rumored to be expecting a baby girl in February.

But many Twitter users started to wonder if perhaps the latest Kardashian bombshell was actually an even bigger conspiracy in the making.

You see Kim and Kanye have also been rumored to be expecting their third child this January as well. But due to past pregnancy complications, Kim and Kanye are expecting their baby via a surrogate. Fans started to wonder if maybe Kylie was the surrogate for the West family.

And here’s the evidence to prove it.

Kris Jenner Runs the World

This past Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. That’s right folks for 10 years we have watched the family drink mango teas, put on makeup, and do photo shoots. One thing we have learned in these past 10 years is that Kris, the matriarch of the family is a master manipulator marketer. We know that she finely crafts the release of big news to coincidence with the premiere of the show. Perhaps Kris knowing Kim and Kanye wanted another baby saw the opportunity to make sure that Sunday’s anniversary special and premier hit record views. Which brings me to my next point.

It gives the show a built-in storyline

If Kylie is actually the surrogate, you know that this news will make its way into this season. We will spend the first part of the season watching Kim teeter back and forth on 6-inch stilettos and wearing latex to doctor after doctor for fertility test and then we will get the big bombshell when Kylie offers herself up on a platter. We saw how the 72-hour marriage and even Lamar Odom’s crisis was milked for episodes. Why not this?

Kylie vaguely matches the description of the surrogate

When the news came out that Kim and Kanye were expecting a baby via a surrogate the description of the surrogate was a “20-something fit” woman. Kylie definitely fits the bill. Yes, a lot of people match that description. Even supermodel sister Kendall. But Kylie is the only one with a baby bump. Plus have you seen her in a bathing suit?

The pregnancy timelines match up

Kim and Kanye’s rumored third child is due to make its entry sometime around January making the surrogate about 5ish months along. Kylie is also said to be having her baby sometime in early February making her about 4ish month along. Sure the dates could be off a bit, but celebrities often never reveal their true delivery date. Plus, both the surrogate and Kylie are expecting baby girls.

Kylie is not ready

Everyone has been commenting about how Kylie is simply not ready to be a mom yet. And who can say for sure whether or not she is? But the truth is Kylie is kind of riding high right now. She has an extremely successful business as a makeup mogul, thriving social life, and a new boyfriend. Maybe she isn’t ready to give all that up for binkies and swaddles just yet…unless it’s for her sister. One thing we have learned in these past 10 years is that the Kardashian/Jenner Klan is thick as thieves. They will do anything for each other, possibly even carry a baby for the other.