How to Make Your Own Natural Body Scrub

This project comes from crafty mom Jill Alexander:

“There are plenty of beauty stores where moms can buy exfoliating body scrubs, but we think that homemade is far superior. This delectable smelling body scrub is all natural and made with ingredients that you probably have on hand in the house. There are no chemicals you can’t pronounce in here!

The only downside to this scrub – you can’t eat it :)”

Here’s how to make a wonderful smelling natural body scrub:


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon each of extract of your choice (Jill used orange, coconut, strawberry, and lemon)
  • Sea salt


In a mixing bowl, stir together the sugar with the olive oil. You can also try coconut oil which has great skin softening effects, too.  (Always be careful not to get oil in your eyes.)

Mix in 1 teaspoon of any extract you wish to use. The scents used in our version were fruity, but you can also pick up floral essential oils for an armotherapeutic effect.

Sprinkle in some sea salt, about 3/4 of a teaspoon. Sea salt is a natural preservative and keeps bacteria from forming in your body scrub.

Be creative! Decorate a glass jar for your scrub with ribbon and a personal label.

This would make a great gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself.

Want to watch Jill take you through this project step by step? Check out the video below – and be sure to take a look at all the other great craft videos on the ModernMom YouTube Channel.

Planning to try this at home? We’d love to see how it turns out! Send us photos of your crafty efforts and we’ll add them to our photo gallery!