How to Identify A First-Time Parent From Experienced Parents

2Those On The Outside

First and foremost, it is highly likely that you’re going to encounter a great number of men and women, who don’t have any children at all! These individuals are unfortunate at the moment, but they’re likely thinking about adding children to their lives in the future. So, how do you identify these individuals from the rest?

Since these individuals will have no children, they’re likely going to be carefree, happy and full of energy! Remember that these individuals get a sufficient amount of sleep at night, while parents do not!

At the same time, these people will be very quick to criticize parents, since they have no clue about parenting! When they see someone’s child acting out, they’ll be quick to throw a few insults their way and explain how they would do things different. It is best to just ignore these individuals, since they’re somewhat naïve to the whole situation.

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