How to Get Bloodstains Out of Jeans

Whether you are dealing with a skinned knee, a scratch from an outdoor adventure, or the dreaded period leak, avoiding blood stains on you and your kids’ clothing is nearly impossible. Trying to remove the blood from jeans can seem even more impossible if you do not know how to do it. Luckily, removing blood stains can be easy thanks to a few items you probably already have around your house. Act as quickly as you can with your stains and use the tips below and your jeans should be good as new!

Removing Wet Blood From Jeans

If the blood is still fresh, it is much easier to remove. First lay the jeans out flat and put an old towel or wash cloth inside so the blood does not soak through to the other side. Then pour hydrogen peroxide (the same thing you use to treat cuts) onto the stain until it starts to bubble and wipe away as much blood as possible with another old wash cloth or paper towel. If there is still blood left, rub a bit of laundry soap and cold water onto the stain and allow it to soak in for 15 minutes. Finally, wash the jeans on a cold cycle using powdered oxygen bleach (OxyClean) and your regular detergent.

If all the blood came out of the jeans, toss them in the dryer. If not, wash them again. Heat will set the stain so you do not want to expose them to it until all the blood has been removed.

Removing Dried Blood Stains From Jeans

Getting an old blood stain out of your jeans can be hard but this trick will make it a lot less daunting. First soak the stained jeans in cold water for half an hour and wring out as much water as possible. Next, make a paste using water and unflavored meat tenderizer. Rub the paste into the blood stain, then let it set for another half hour.

Then follow the same washing instructions above for removing wet blood stains. Wash on a cold cycle with regular detergent along with powdered oxygen bleach and repeat if all the blood did not come out. You can always hang your jeans until you have time to wash them again, as long as you do not expose them to the heat of the dryer which will set the blood stain into the fabric.

For more hints and hacks, check out the video below: