How to Get a Guy to Chase You After He Gives You His Number

You know that a guy is interested when he gives you his number. Yet, you now find yourself struggling with what to do next. The good news is that getting a guy to chase after you is fairly simple since it is less about taking action and more about building anticipation. Before you dial his digits, follow this strategy to keep him excited about finding out more about you.

Take Your Time
It’s exciting to score the number of a guy that you are delighted to meet, but you want to resist that urge to call him right away. This is because waiting a day or two gives him just enough time to wonder if you are ever going to call. Then, when he hears your voice, he will feel a sense of excitement that generates more interest. It is also important to avoid bringing up a date on this phone call or text. Just say hi, and let him be the one who takes the lead for planning your next interaction. Remember that he can’t do the chasing until you let him take the lead.

Avoid The Urge to Go Overboard
When you’re at home alone or your kids are asleep, it’s hard not to try to start a conversation to deal with the boredom. When the urge to text him strikes, keep it short and simple. Better yet, call a friend so that you do not overwhelm him with constant texts or phone calls that could appear obsessive. Additionally, never text or call him after you’ve been drinking because you might say something that you will later regret. Instead, stay busy with other activities. Fold some laundry, prep meals for the next day or go watch a movie and leave your phone in the other room.

Play Hard to Get
This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it still works. No one likes a game player so keep it simple by varying how much interest you show from time to time. For example, you answer the phone on the first ring one time and delay returning a phone call for a few hours the next. Drawing closer and pulling away just a bit motivates him to keep trying new moves to see what works.

Make It Clear You Have a Life
When your guy finally does start chasing you, let him know that you lead a fulfilling and busy life. Don’t always be available when he tries to make plans on short notice, and have a few interesting stories about your day to share when he asks. Since everyone likes to be at the center of the action, letting him know that you have friends, family and social obligations elevates his level of interest. Staying busy with your life also helps you with the other strategies since you will have too much going on to fall into the trap of over-texting.

Once you get those numbers in your hands, it’s time to strategize. While you don’t mind making the first text, you should still expect him to do a little chasing so that you know he’s really interested. By scaling back your excitement just a bit, you can build anticipation that makes him want to go the extra mile to see that look of appreciation in your eyes.