How to Create a Stunning Photo or Artwork Wall

The gallery wall is one of the most creative and fun home design elements of 2016 that’s carried into 2017. Basically, this design feature is an aesthetically pleasing assembly of photos and artwork that takes up a large portion of your wall, usually in a hallway or in the main living area. It’s a great way to display your personality and your family without sacrificing the design of your home.

You know you’ll love the finished product, but getting started is another matter entirely. There’s a lot that goes into planning your gallery wall including the layout, types of art, photographs, size, and where to feature it in your house.

If you’re a little overwhelmed thinking about designing your own gallery wall, use this guide to make things easier.

Choose the Predominant Style

Aside from considering your personality, think about the kind of artwork you like best. It might include lithographs, old movie posters, contemporary artwork, family photos, city photographs, or any other style of art you love. Use the style of your gallery wall to attractively display your interests and passions.

Also, consider your style preference based on the way your prints will be hung. For example, you might create a wall that focuses on striking picture frames. You might also prefer to hang things in straight, precise lines rather than in organized chaos. Do whatever makes you feel most at home.

As you design your wall, consider the predominant style of the room. If there are a lot of patterns and textures on the carpet, furniture, or walls, patterns in your gallery wall will be overwhelming. In this case, stick to a monogamous color scheme with minimal texture.

Make It Personal with Family Photos

Personal touches in a gallery wall make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few family photos of candid moments that show the personalities of your little family. It will tie everything together and fit right in with your homey atmosphere.

To give your gallery wall the kind of disorganized look that makes them so trendy, use a variety of formats when framing and hanging your photos. Some photos can be printed on canvas to give them a 3D look, and others can be placed in an ornate frame to help them stand out.

Create a Story on the Wall

If you’re still not sure which direction to take your wall design, consider telling a story. It can take viewers on a journey of your kids’ lives, travels, experiences, pop culture favorites, or all of the above.

Use artwork purchased while on vacations or photographs that show a particularly poignant moment in your life. Images of your favorite city or vintage pieces can also provide some insight into the things you like best. Not only will this wall be an excellent conversation starter, but it will also remind you of some of your most precious life moments.

Use a Color Scheme

Relegating your design to a specific color scheme can also help you define the design. This color scheme, which can range from a single hue to several complementary colors, will dictate the frames you choose, the predominant color of the photographs and artwork, and the style with which you design.

Again, don’t choose your color scheme without first considering the primary colors of the room where it will be hung. You don’t want a gallery wall that clashes with its surroundings.

Be Flexible and Experiment

Your gallery wall is all about expressing your style, so feel free to experiment in the process. Don’t be afraid to try new things you might think you won’t like.

You’ll also consider certain attributes of the layout, such as the color of the wall, size of the space, shape of the space, and the message you want to send. Be flexible enough to change your plans if they don’t work well in the space.

Let the Kids Help

You’re not the only one who lives in the house, and your kids may want to have a say. Creating a gallery wall can be an incredibly rewarding family activity. As kids are allowed to help you choose the artwork or even make some of the artwork that will be displayed on your wall, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that will bring your family closer together.

Remembering the kids when designing your gallery wall will create some precious memories that only enhance the beauty and nostalgia of the design.