Cybele – All-Natural Menstrual Pain Solution

I have to say, as I get older, my cramps are getting worse and worse. Nothing really helps and there is only so much advil a person can take. Then I tried Cybele and I have to tell you, it really helped! Basically it’s spandex running shorts with pockets for heating pads. It’s brilliant because the heat hits you in the tummy and lower break – right where the pain is. 

The gel pack is safe and nontoxic, it generates heat for up to 1 hour after you microwave it for 1 minute. The pressure from the tight pants coupled with the heat really gave me relief from the painful cramps. I’ve used heating pads before but you have to be laying down for that. These shorts comfortably keep the heating pads in place so you can move around and get out of bed.

I definitely think Cybele is a super clever invention and highly recommend it! Love.