Cool Gear for Dads

Many times I hear from my patients about the roles they each play at home and ways they are stuck, feeling inefficient and exhausted.  With labor and nursing for mom, and overall household for Dad, along with tech and gear purchases we think are “cool”…I try to encourage Dads to look for ways they can pitch-in more; which helps them bond closer to baby and mom – making it a win-win-win for the whole family.  Here are my top do’s for dad, with some “cool” gear to go with them:

1)      Bed time routine – you may not be the one nursing but how about giving the bath?  Reading the book?  Despite a deeper voice – singing a song?  Try out the basic Primo Eurobath Tub for worry free bathing made easy, or the coolest tech I have seen to date tub wise, 4moms Infant Tub with a color-coded digital thermometer.  Books – I go with Kids Preferred line of sensory books for infant reading time – it’s never too early to read to your child.  And a book to make you the bedtime hero? … Read up on my The Baby Sleep Book for some tips you can share with mom and look like a hero on nighttime parenting topics, so the whole family can get more sleep!

2)      Designing the Nursery – yes, moms typically have a very clear view of the look, feel and color palate of this babies room, and you will give-in to any shade of yellow just to get the room finally painted, but there is décor you may want to push!  What about the mattress?  Yes the mattress.  Babies spend up to 75% of their first year of life in their cribs – let’s make it count.   Innovation made by a dad is now available with the Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress – this is the one and only breathable, washable and sustainable mattress available.  Yes washable!  Even more, breathability means when rollovers happen, you and your family can rest easy knowing baby is breathing straight through the mattress, which is made up of 90% air and food grade polymers.  No PVCs, no off gassing.  This is a no brainer and looks cool too.

3)      Hit the road – car seats are usually one of the first gear items your precious cargo is carried – straight from leaving the hospital and sitting in for years to come as they grow.  This one requires some deep research based on latest safety testing.  Over the years I find Recaro consistent and of course, loaded with cool features like the side impact head protection that uses the same safety foam that’s in my bike helmets.  And, yes dads, that’s the same Recaro that makes seats for race cars.

4)      Hit the pavement –whether you have time to take a walk or are traveling with the family as you grow, dads can get involved and have some fun choosing a stroller that works from a unisex standpoint, also these mostly come with height adjusted handle bars for the taller or shorter parents out there!  I like the features of the 4 in 1 convertible Nuna and the colors they come in too.

5)      Alerts and monitors – we want our homes safe.  We feel responsible to care for our home and our family day in, day out.  I am in awe of the design and technology now available for parents with safety monitor systems.  Dads – your wish for baby tech has been granted.  Check out Owlet’s smart sock and the new Deluxe HD monitor by Project Nursery.  Game changers in the home space and you will look like the hero to your partner by staying on top of these.

~ Dr. Jim

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