Christmas Office Decorating Themes

Turning your workplace into a haven of holiday merriment is a great way to get your staff excited about the upcoming season.

To give your office a touch of charm this holiday season, select a theme around which to decorate your space. By adopting a specific decorating motif, you can ensure that your office space is cohesively decorated (a must for all those Type-A readers out there). It also serves as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of the approaching holiday.

Office Supply Garlands

Turn everyday office tools into holiday garland to place around your office space. To decorate your office in this fashion, raid the supply closet and activate your imagination, devising ways to use these office supplies as decorations. Create chains of paper clips to place around your office tree, suspend colorful rubber bands in place of Christmas ornaments. Connect green or red self-adhesive notes to create a banner declaring, “Merry Christmas” or a phrase of similar sentiments. Use white correction fluid to paint a winter wonderland scene on a sheet of dark paper, and place your creation on the wall. By using these office supplies in the crafting of your Christmas decor, you not only deck your office halls, but you will also keep the decorations reflective of an office, making them even more workplace appropriate.

Santa’s Workshop

Equate your daily toil to the work done by the elves in Santa’s workshop in your office decorating. To create this office decoration, obtain and print large pictures of elves and an even larger image of Santa. Ask each worker to color an elf to represent himself. After workers have decorated their elves, take pictures of the employees and print images of their faces. Replace each elf’s face with that of an employee. Attach the colored elves to a prominent office wall. Decorate your Santa image, and replace his face with the face of the office manager. Add Santa to your scene.

Under-the-Christmas Tree

To prepare an under-the-tree office decor theme, gather an assortment of boxes, small office-appropriate gifts and ribbon and wrapping paper in holiday colors. Place your gathered gifts in boxes and wrap them. Place the gifts around the office, putting them atop cubical dividers or placing them in the center of conference tables as decorations. Several days before Christmas, give employees several self-adhesive notes each. Ask them to write their names on these notes and place them on the gifts they would like. Near the end of the day, offer refreshments and allow employees to open the gifts they have claimed.