Brooke Burke’s Fitness Philosophy

Confidence comes from what you feel, not what you see.

Happy Summer – it’s the time where many of us think of sun, fun, vacations & swimsuit season!!! Everyone who knows me knows that I love summer and I try to stay bikini ready all year. I often wonder why many wait for spring to start cramming in the cardio and carving out their summer bodies. Many women have reached out to me asking about my fitness regime so I wanted to share it as well as my fitness philosophy to help you stick with it.

I work out to better understand my body, my strengths and my weaknesses. My fitness goals remain the same year round, and I never stray from the commitment to being healthy and taking care of myself. I look at it as my personal investment and hard core sweat equity.  As I enter into my 5th year as a fitness instructor, I have strengthened my faith in the possibility of body transformation & the importance of investing in ourselves. Fitness represents so many things far beyond vanity and aesthetic results.  Fitness helped me whet my already insatiable appetite for adrenaline and accomplishment. By accomplishment I mean keeping my own personal commitments and staying honest in my personal efforts. If you haven’t listened to my new NakedMomPodcast and you want a little motivation and life inspiration, have a listen to episode 3 with Angela Davis. One of my many favorite quotes of hers is: “No one is going to hand you your best body.”  You will take away many fitness tips and some great advice to help you get started and stay motivated. She’s my fitness guru.

I approach fitness from a mind/ body/ spirit perspective. The more I work out, the better I feel, the better I feel, the more I work out. I teach my Booty Burn class three days a week, I try to ride at Soul Cycle twice a week and if my schedule allows, I get to one hot yoga class in per week. I would work out every day if I could, but I’m not always that lucky. Confidence comes from what you feel, not what you see. I have learned to crave the burn and thrive in the dopamine release that I get with every sweat. It’s about knowing that I can invent each day and that I am worthy of carving out time for myself. I guarantee that if you make yourself a priority you will benefit far beyond your booty.

After a slew of fitness covers and editorials featuring go-to workouts and best body sculpting moves, I figured out: how to get results, how to get specific and how to do it naturally.

In the heat of summer vacation in Sainte Maxime in the south of France, poolside in our backyard villa, I sized up my possibilities. With my 10 year old videographer, a lawn chair cushion posing as a yoga mat and a vintage wooden chair, I found a way to create my own on-the-go BootyBurn series that I shared on social media. Why would I do such a thing on vacation in the midst of splurging, fine dining, baguettes and rosé all day? Let me tell you, it’s amazing what can happen to the body after 3 weeks of excuses and no physical activities. BUT what’s more amazing is what can happen to the body after 3 weeks of  working out! The reason I am not obsessed with what I eat is because I know that I can sweat off any splurge and balance the joys of life with an effective fitness routine that dishes up room for all of life’s pleasures.

Kristen Brady @SnapAgogo

So I invite you to follow my fitness journey #AroundTheWorld #AnywhereEverywhere on social media @BrookeBurke and you’ll see my routines on the beach in Cote d’Azure, climbing the Italian church steps in Positano and cruising the Almalfi Coast. I’ll take you into my private fitness class in Malibu for the best of Booty Burn on my Instagram live, and if you want some at-home workouts check out the ModernMom YouTube channel. Also, check out my secret to a trim tummy – baboosh body!  

Happy sweating!

Some of my favorite recipes for the summer:

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