BOSEbuild – The Must-Have DIY Educational Gift

If you are looking for a gift that will inspire your child and also keep him or her busy over the holidays then look no further than the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube! BOSEbuild is a high-performance Bluetooth speaker that your child actually builds.

The best part is that it’s easy to assemble and no tools are required! The instructions on the app are clear and easy to follow. The cables and connectors are big and bright and everything is clearly labeled. They definitely kept kids in mind when they designed this.

Building the speaker is as easy as:

1. Downloading the free BOSEbuild Sound app to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 8 or higher.

2. Following the simple instructions. You may want to supervise, but truthfully, your kids won’t need you to build this.

3. Learning. There are great fun facts that teach kids about the concepts they are using, such as magnets and electricity and even frequency and waveforms.

4. Assembling. After they finish the steps, they get to assemble the panels of the speaker. Clips snap the 6 panels together but they can also unclip them anytime to check out their fine handiwork!

5. Customizing. The fun doesn’t end once the cube is built. There are red, blue and green color sliders so they can customize the Speaker Cube with different lighting effects and swap out the silhouette covers.

6. Rocking out. Or just listen to music. Or get inspired by the holidays and play Christmas music and flash red and green lights.

Building this is a perfect activity for your kids over winter break. They will feel such a sense of accomplishment after they build it and will be proud every time they listen to music on it for years to come!

We love that this Speaker Cube encourages kids’ curiosity and can inspire their love of STEM.