Best Baby Products To Get You Through The First Month

Hey, you there! Quick question: how would you like to be thrown into a situation you’re completely unprepared for, get mixed advice from everyone, and it lasts for the rest of your life? Sound good? Then parenting is absolutely for you.

The reality is that no matter how ready you think you are for life with a newborn, you are not ready. In fact, you should get ready to throw all of that preparation (material and mental!) right out of the window, along with about half the stuff you bought that everyone said you couldn’t live without.

As we all learn the hard way, each baby is precious and different and what works for some, won’t for others. Except for love. Love is for everyone. Tell them, Jackie DeShannon.

Here are some things that worked for us, and may or may not work as well for you. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll help you get through those bleary first few weeks of keeping a tiny human alive.

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket

Everyone will give you blankets. Your favorite aunt will sew you one. Your boss will get your that expensive one from that new baby boutique in town. Grandma will order one from your ancestral homeland. Blankets, nothing but blankets, as far as the eye can see.

Out of the sea of blankets, you’ll eventually find your favorite one. Maybe it’s softer, maybe it’s easier to wash, maybe you just like the color. Our favorite blanket is the Dream Blanket from Aden + Anais. Why? For starters, it’s the perfect weight – heavy enough to keep him warm and cozy but not too hot for our Los Angeles apartment sans air condition. We use it for cuddling, and tummy time, and of course, photo shoots:

Image courtesy of Dennis Chapham

Project Nursery Baby Monitor

You absolutely DO NOT have to wait until the baby’s arrival to get a baby monitor. Get one as soon as you’re expecting. Use it to check if the cat if eating the houseplants in the other room. Wake your significant other from their nap (or maybe don’t). You’ll find reasons and ways.

Project Nursery has a great baby monitor that comes with an extra mini (audio and video!) monitor that you can clip to your belt for quick and easy access while you cook. The larger unit, you can put on the coffee table while you’re burning through your favorite shows on [insert your favorite streaming platform here] during naptime. The best part is the extended battery life, so you’re constantly trying to remember whose turn it is to charge the thing. Easy to set-up, and even easier to use.


Even in our small apartment, we’re constantly moving from room to room, from surface to surface. Maybe you’re taking a lazy Sunday afternoon nap. Then you move to the couch for more episodes of [insert your favorite show here]. Let’s chill on the floor and do a puzzle.

Couches, beds, and sometimes even floors have edges to roll off of, scratchy surfaces, tangly blankets, or just plain dirt. The DockAToT is the perfect solution for your household adventures with the newborn. It’s super portable and it has a removable/washable cover (that comes in various designs and colors) for the inevitable spills, vomit, smudges, etc. The soft cushion sides keep the kid from rolling out, and you can buy hanging toy attachments as well.

Image courtesy of Dennis Chapham

Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water

Ideally your newborn stays clean, and you have time for frequent baths. I hate to break it to you but “ideal” is a situation you’ll find yourself in less and less frequently. Maybe your kid hates baths, maybe you’re worried about drying out their skin if it’s done too often. Our kid absolutely hates it when we take his clothes off for any reason, so this cleansing water from Mustela has been a life-saver between baths to keep him clean. We just squeeze some onto a cotton pad or washcloth, and do a fast wipe down. Done and done.

What are your favorite newborn products? Share in the comments, and let’s trade tips 🙂