6 Things Your Babysitter Wishes You Knew

Babysitting. We’ve all been there, done that. It’s fun when you’re 15, but some special people do it for much longer than their teenage years.

And when you’re that experienced, you have some advice for parents on how to make leaving your kids for a bit a little easier for everyone.

Here are seven things your sitter, nanny or other childcare provider wishes you knew:

1. As soon as you leave, the kids will stop crying and start playing. So please, just go.

2. I can’t read your mind so just tell me what your expectations are of me.

3. I don’t mind cleaning up, but don’t leave the same mess waiting for me the next morning.

4. When I go above and beyond, a simple thank you note or extra little perk is appreciated more than you realize.

5. You have a cell phone — if you are going to be 30 minutes late, please call me.

and last but not least…

6. Pay me on time. I’m sure you don’t like to ask your boss for your check either.