5 times Beyoncé Proved You Can Still Be Sexy While Pregnant and WOW the World!

If you have ever felt like you can’t be sexy and pregnant at the same time, here’s a small selection of images where Queen Bey stood up and proved you can be drop-dead gorgeous while carrying TWINS. If Beyoncé has the same number of hours in the day that you do, tap into your inner diva and believe you can glitter like this kind of gold!

The whole family attended an event this past year with Beyoncé clad in this figure-hugging purple gown. How is she doing it?! With ample cleavage and dangerous curves, this woman is still stunning – the definition of “glowing,” don’t you think?

See her provocative expression framed in those golden and caramel curls? And what a drop in her top! The fact that her belly tells the story of her recent past activities, there’s nothing about it distracting from how VAVAVOOM this girl is!

Beyoncé made some time to see her friends from “Destiny’s Child” this year and showed up to Kelly Rowland’s book tour in this creamy ensemble. Just look at those heel-less boots! Are your feet uncomfortable just looking at those – pregnant or not? Beyoncé makes it look like wearing those heels are no big deal at all…

The girl sure can strike a pose, too – you know she’s pregnant, but, how obvious is it in this drape dress with her casual, model-like stance? And those long blond braids… she’s the epitome of “too cool for school,” would’t you say?

Did you see this stunning dress for Bey’s mom’s charity event? Nearly $1million was raised for the WACO Theater Center’s mentorship program for young students. While her mother sported a very leafy green dress, Bey was a goddess in red! (Do you see those delicately painted toes in matching red shoes at the opening of her dress?)

Yes, the belly is out there and huge, but, she’s so lovely you just don’t think of it as heavy or burdensome. Bey makes it look so glamorous and artful to be a waiting mother. Doesn’t she look like a fairy tale queen?

Believe it or not, we’re getting closer and closer to her due date in these shots – this color coordinated ensemble of black and gold is striking – look at those chunky heels with gold stars to accent her long, gold yellow coat? Topped with a black hat, she looks like an elegant gal on the town… but, really, get a closer look at this dress…

She’s completely covered save for the one slit running from the right shoulder and just across the top of the left breast. She makes being really, REALLY pregnant look like the most fascinating fashion show! Are you wondering how to revamp your closet now… even if you’re not pregnant?

Now, this is something really only Beyoncé can manage. She looks just so put together, so classy – she’s totally covered in this outfit – but, she still looks like a girl you’d want to get to know better. Her curves are still evident and her expression is still so inviting.

Even this shot is somewhat provocative and she’s actually holding her baby bump! Something about the angle down and the gentle spread of her fingers over her belly… how does she do it? Which moment did you think was her crowning achievement in making pregnant look more like “sexy’s back!?”