5 Signs It’s Time to Go Up a Diaper Size

Diaper SizeOne of the first things you learn as a new parent is how to change a diaper, and before long you become a diaper-changing expert. The next type of diaper change you should be aware of is changing diaper sizes.

You may have noticed your little one has gotten a bit bigger and you’re wondering when is the right time to move from newborn diapers to size one, two, three and above. Here are a few signs I recommend parents look out for to help them know when it is time to move on up:

  1. Butt Coverage: Are you noticing your baby’s diaper doesn’t appear to be covering their bottom as much as it has previously? The right amount of coverage is very important when it comes to a diaper’s ability to function effectively and eliminate leakage. If this sounds familiar, try going up a size.
  2. Tabs are getting further from the stomach: If the diaper tabs are closer to baby’s hips rather than their center or the wing that connects the tab appears overly stretched, then it is time to try the next size up.
  3. Tight waistband: The baby’s waistband is the easiest way to check the tightness of the diaper. Use your finger to pull up slightly on the waistband. If you feel tight constriction on your finger, it’s likely the diaper is too small and is most likely uncomfortable for your baby.
  4. Red marks: Red marks due to chaffing in the groin, hips and waist could be another sign that the diaper is fitting too tightly so you may want to give another size a go.
  5. Check the size guidelines: The size guidelines on the side of your diaper package typically list the recommended weight for a baby wearing that diaper. If your baby’s weight is on the lower end of the scale for the next diaper size up, then it is probably time to make the jump.

Diaper size

Babies are constantly growing and can change diaper sizes a lot quicker than you might expect. If you start to suspect a size change is due, go ahead and give it a go and if they seem too big just store the diapers for future use. Trust me, you will use them at some point with your growing baby. If you find that baby has grown faster than you thought and now have too many diapers in too small of a size, you can always donate them to a local diaper bank to help parents in need.

I recommend Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for their proven track record of keeping your baby’s skin clean and healthy. They come in seven sizes, Preemie to size 5, so they are the perfect option for a growing baby.

Diaper size

It is exciting to watch your babies grow! I hope these tips will help you make sure their diaper size grows along with them.


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