15 Kids Of Celebrity Parents Who Are Killing Prom This Year: LL Cool J, NeNe Leakes, Russell Simmons And More

A father’s LOVE❤️

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Whether you just survived prom season or you know it’s around the corner for you in the years to come, here are teenagers whose celebrity parents have just endured the process of finding the dress, having or not having a date, arranging after prom activities, etc… First up, we love this picture of Omar Epps with his daughter, Aiyanna! Here he’s fastening the clasp on her glittering choker over her very classy black gown with the heart-shape neckline. Are you getting choked up from the moment?! Next, here’s a gal who managed to take us back to the 80’s for just a sec!

Pretty In Pink 🌸 My baby Beanz is off to her Junior Prom looking absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

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LL Cool J’s daughter Nina looks so sweet in her pink dress with the playful ruffle on the off-shoulder top! Are you thinking “Pretty in Pink” when you see this get up? And those chunky shoes! Doesn’t she look like she absolutely loves her dress? The next girl is just so grown up and she knows it!

It’s a mommy daughter thing 💕😘 #prom2k17 #prom17

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Lil Wayne and Toya Wright’s daughter, Reginae, is truly dazzling in this sheer and straight-lined sequined gown. She’s covered, but, showing just enough skin to turn everyone’s head! Can you imagine the broken hearts in her wake? How about some celebrity moms gushing over their kids – they do that, too, you know!

Santi and Juliana have been classmates since pre-school and all the way till they graduated from elementary. They’ve been in countless schools plays together — danced, sang, played the marimba, wore all sorts of DIY costumes every elementary student is subjected to as a rite of passage(😂), had play dates in homes of classmates and our home. Time passed. They went to different schools. But last night they got together again but this time, to go to his prom. I remember them both not much taller than a chair, but there they were in our living room — he in a smart suit, flowers in his hand, and my little girl in my heels and a gown. With a slit. Tell me, where did the time go?😅 @richardgomezinstagram @vivatregina P.S. The kiddie photos are from Millette, Santi’s mom (I know, we are stage mothers😂) and for those who may wonder, Juliana has a band-aid on her knee because she skinned it while training for volleyball).🌺

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Lucy Torres told a story on her Instagram about her daughter’s childhood friend, Santi, and how cool it is to watch them grow up together and then attend prom together. And look at Juliana rocking the orange gown! She definitely stood out at prom in such a bold color (not to mention, it actually looks GREAT on her!). It looks like Juliana attended more than one prom this year…

Here’s Juliana again with her buddy, Claudia, the daughter of Gretchen Barretto and Dennis Padilla. Isn’t Claudia a vision in her sleeveless, black frock and standing arm-in-arm with her pal in fuchsia? Did you have a close girlfriend you remember seeing at the senior prom? How about a dapper son for a quick change?

See, even celebrity parents enjoy telling the world about their kids and how fast they seemed to grow up! Mekhi Phifer posted about his son, Omikaye, and the obvious knowledge that at some point in this tux-wearing man’s life, a dad once changed his diapers! Oh, well! Sonny boy is still rocking the bow tie with his classic formal suit! Next up, have you ever seen Vanessa Williams’ daughter?

This is what prom looks like at my house! Bam💥 Hair & makeup by me😃

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Sasha Fox has her own unique beauty as a blend of genes from Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams. Isn’t she lovely in this bright, salmon pink gown? Apparently, Williams did her hair and makeup – have you dressed up your daughter for some special occasion? Next up, Snoop Dogg’s daughter is a stunner!

Thank You

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Cori looks like she’s ready for a red carpet event – and, apparently, so was her school! Her chocolate brown gown with a sequined bodice is truly elegant – and it looks like her date was willing to coordinate. Next up, think straps and peach…

Prom 2017💋 @noellerobinson @serendipityprom @sherrihill

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Cynthia and Leon Bailey’s daughter Noelle is striking a pose in her creamy peach halter strap gown – and look at those perfectly matching heels! She is frighteningly womanly showing her curves in this form-fitting, but, very tasteful dress. Next up, a good-looking kid who puts ease into his formal wear…

Try Them & You Gonna See Me 😈

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Brett poses next to his mother, NeNe Leakes, and they both look pretty laid back about this whole prom thing. Brett is sporting a rust-colored jacket over all black – and look at those shoes with the gold accent! They look smart and just comfy enough in which to dance the night away! Let’s come back to a simple, elegant frock for a very famous daughter…

You two look so perfect! @zolaivymurphy #prom #mybaby #daughter 😍😍😍😍

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Zola is the daughter of Eddie Murphy – as you may know, the Murphy’s endured the loss of Eddie’s brother this year. Still, life goes on and Zola is making her uncle proud as she glows in this slip-style gown with a powdery peach tone and simple toe-less heels. Her elegant up-do really ties this elegant look together. Next up, a rare beauty in gold…

My baby’s heading out! Mama loves you!!!💕💐😍❤️ @mingleesimmons @taimaruuu #prom17

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It’s not her prom, but, Ming’s boyfriend wasn’t about to take anyone else to the dance! Doesn’t Russell Simmons’ daughter just shimmer? She’s wearing her long hair in a simple ponytail and look at the interesting detail on the ankle strap of her heel! Understated and stunning… like the next girl, but, with the volume turned up on the gold and train!

Tale as old as time ✨ last ones I swear!! #prom2k17 @hallofprom

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Here’s Niecy Nash’s daughter, Dia, looking like a fairy tale princess in a long, halter-style yellow dress. Isn’t she just glowing? And how smart does her date look in blue with that pop of a yellow rose boutonniere? Look at the bright blue accents in Dia’s corsage – they might win for the most uniquely beautiful prom dates in the whole bunch!

My beautiful @_giagiudice Prom 2017

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You can tell they’re related, can’t you? Teresa is posing next to her daughter, Gia, whose powder-pink dress features a slit riding up to the upper thigh. It looks as though she and her mother did their hair together while Gia was preparing for the dance! Last, but not least, a total shoe-in for Prom King!

My Son DAVID on his way to Prom with the Thomas Magic✨

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David’s shoes are actually monogrammed with his first initial! Carl Thomas’ son knows he’s looking good for this rite of passage! Check out that gold jacket over his black pants and that bow tie – don’t forget the signature shades to tie it all together! What do you think? Aren’t these kids just looking amazing and… all grown up!?