10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Or Rescue Your Next Pet

This article is in partnership with TIDE and written by Jenn Worden.

I love ALL my pets, from dogs and cats to horses and rabbits, I love them all. One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that every single one of my animals has been rescued and adopted. Yes, I’m a firm believer in giving a loving animal a second chance if I have the room in my home. There are so many great reasons to adopt or rescue an animal and the payoff is well worth it.

Reasons You Should Adopt or Rescue Your Next Pet
Here are a few of the MANY reasons you should consider adopting or rescuing your next family pet.

They help make sure you get exercise
Whether you’re adopting a dog from the shelter or a horse from slaughter, they make great riding/walking partners and can often be your excuse not to take the day off. I’ve been on a weight loss journey, 40 pounds down and I owe a lot of it to my animals. The horses must be exercised, dogs must be walked, and everyone needs to be feed. Sometimes just getting up to go feed everyone is the motivation I need to take to go for a ride or take the dog for a walk.

Save money
Adopting a new pal can save you and your family money too. Your new pet comes with expenses but when you adopt an animal from the shelter they usually include spay/neuter, first shots, and even microchipping with the adoption fee. The adoption fee is generally way less than you’ll spend buying a puppy from a breeder or pet store. Plus, dogs are less expensive than diamonds (hint boys).

You’ll be a hero to someone
Adopting or rescuing a pet is something you should brag about, it’s a good deed that will not go unnoticed. It’s also a great trend to start among your family and friends. Be sure and show off your new pet and share the amazing feeling you get from saving an animal’s life. Whether you realize it or not you are a hero to your new pet. If you promote adoption to your family and friends, then so many more pets can be saved.

Someone will always think you hung the moon
Pets are awesome because no matter what you do – come home late, forget to cook steak, or put off doing the laundry, your pet is going to think you hung the moon! They’ll never criticize you for forgetting to do the dishes or not speak to you because you ate the last cookie. They will always be there waiting, excited to see you.

Your health
Did you know that pets can improve your quality of life, not just for your pet but yourself too? From the exercise to the love and affection they give and require, having a pet benefits your mind, body and soul. Plus, dressing them up in a diaper is funny and laughter is good for your health.

You’ll never have to take naps alone
I used to hate taking naps because I couldn’t sleep. I hated being in my big old bed alone. Now I love naps because I have someone to cuddle with and no matter what time of day, my dogs are always happy to take a nap with me. I don’t worry about the blankets because they are easy to toss in the washer and TIDE PODS make sure they get nice and clean and smell awesome too.

Ideal for helping you babysit
Now I don’t mean leave your kids alone with the family dog and go shopping. When I say babysitter, I mean animals are perfect companions for kids. They can teach your children responsibility, love, compassion and give the kids something to do other than getting into things so you can get a load of laundry finished. Plus, it’s just awesome to see children and animals together.

The love and loyalty will be returned for the rest of their days
I have several horses, all but two were at one-time slaughter bound, and the other two were given to me because their owner couldn’t care for them any longer. They were to be put on a truck and shipped to Mexico where they would face death for no fault of their own but fault of an irresponsible or uncaring person. While these horses often take extra work, they end up becoming some of the most reliable, loving, and caring horses I’ve owned. It’s been my experience that any animal you rescue or adopt from a shelter knows what you have done for them, and they will spend the rest of their days making sure you know how much they appreciate you.

You’ll vacuum fewer crumbs up
Sure, you might have to vacuum up hair if you let your pet in the house but there is a plus side. You will not have to vacuum up as many crumbs because dogs are great at finding every crumb they find on the floor ☺.

Pets are amazing (and messy) playdates for your kids
Let’s face it, playing in the dirt as an adult is not nearly as fun as it was when you were a child. But what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t let our kids get dirty, right? Well, if they have a friend to play in the dirt and mud with, guess what? You get to stay clean and be thankful there areTide PODS® to take care of your dirty laundry. All you must do is see that it makes it to the washer and it’s truly amazing!

I love Tide PODS, they are awesome! Did you know that the laundry pacs are twice as concentrated vs. liquid detergent, so they deliver an outstanding clean with detergent and stain removal all in one small pac? Not only that, the laundry pacs use 88% less water vs. concentrated liquid laundry detergent!

So, sure, adopting a pet can be a bit messy at times but the payoff is worth its weight in gold. Plus, with Tide PODS on your side you don’t have a whole lot to worry about when it comes to keeping your laundry looking and smelling it’s best.

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